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EMIM 2016 - Session Details

XX | 1st informel meeting "X-ray Study Group"
Type: Study Group Meeting
Chair:  Christian Dullin, Göttingen
Date: March 09, 2016
Time: 12:30 - 13:30
Room: Quest


Be invited to the 1st informal meeting of the Study Group on “X-ray based imaging in preclinincal research”.

X-ray based imaging techniques such as CT are the most applied methods in clinical diagnosis, but they are often considered to be out-dated or of minor interest in preclinical research. The aim of this study group is to increase the visibility of the novel and exiting developments that have revolutionized this field, such as: phase and dark-field contrast methods, energy resolved detectors, sub-micron resolution microCT, high speed 4D imaging to only name a few. Moreover, we plan to introduce the unique capabilities of synchrotron light sources to a broader audience.
We are looking forward to meet all interested people at the EMIM 2016 in Utrecht.


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